The Memorial for the victims of the Shoah from Fürth has been inaugurated on June 29, 1997. It existed of memorial-plaques with 886 names in the hall of the new Jewish cemetery Fürth (see upper picture on title) and a memorial-book with all information available about these victims. It was established by Raphael Halmon (Ralf Hallemann), Elieser (Emil) Höchster, Frank Harris (Franz Hess), Moshe Heinemann and Uri Oppenheimer. I researched, corresponded and raised funds.

Our fear that this Memorial would not cover all victims, proved to be true for the first time already shortly before the inauguration: Max Rawicz, whom we thought to be a survivor, had been killed in Kaunas.

Through my contacts with former Fürther, cooperation with  archives, utilizing later published memorial-books of other places and recently on the internet published particulars by former camps, as well as further information gained through the documentation of the two local Jewish cemeteries 220 new victims were found: Mainly females who had left Fürth before getting married – thus there names were unknown, further individuals who had been expelled because of their polish nationality and whose fate had not been definitely clear, and finally those who had been deported from places outside Germany. To already known victims also more information could be added. A few errors were corrected – four people had survived deportation. Further the number of photographs could be more than doubled to 400 now. An index of maiden names has been added. Some corrections had to be maid. And finally four individuals proofed to have survived their deportation.

The victims, found after the inauguration of the Memorial in July 1997, have been added to the Memorail-Wall in May 2009 (see lower picture on title). executed as in 1997 by Firma Geisendörfer from Würzburg. My heartfelt thanks go to the city of Fürth and Lordmayor Dr. Thomas Jung, who proved by generous financial support once more how much they care for the remembrance of their former Jewish citizens. Further I thank the Bezirk Mittelfranken and a number of individuals, especially Barbara Ohm, Suzanne Gundelfinger and David Krugmann for their donations.

The Memor-book, that has been sold out by long, is now after 13 years published in a more detailed and improved version on the Internet. From the bottom of my heart I thank Johann Fleischmann who gave much of his time to insert my additions and corrections and also solved the problems with the Hebrew part. I am also most grateful to Marius Fleischmann who put everything on the Internet.

Further I express my sincerest thanks for various support of my research to the victims’ relatives and friends, the leader and the staff of the Fürth municipal archives, Gerhard Jochem of the Nürnberg municipal archives, the Nürnberg states archives, the Munich and Bamberg municipal archives, Annette Dahms, Dr. Christiane Kolbet, the Fürth registry office and Peter Frank.


Dedicated to
Relatives of the Victims
and Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Fürth i.z.o

Gisela Naomi Blume, summer 2010